AN Overview of NMIMS AI & ML ops program with knowledge partner Insofe

AN Overview of NMIMS AI & ML ops program with knowledge partner Insofe

AN Overview of NMIMS AI & ML ops program with knowledge partner Insofe

Msc in Al & ML offered by NMIMS (knowledge partner INSOFE), is an all-encompassing program. With a course duration of 24 months, it envisions

1)To provide hands-on experience with industry prototype building and working to apply business and data thinking to complex research problems.
2)Get confidence and mastery in AI algorithm development.
3)Competency in visualisation tools like tableau, Hadoop, R and python
4)Specialize in advanced machine learning areas like NLP(natural language processing), computer vision, robotics, big data and machine learning.
5)Strong computational and application architecture knowledge to deploy and scale AI & ML

In order to achieve the above, the program is branched in 8 trimesters with flexibility to accomplish the same in 48 months. A typical batch is limited to 60-120 students. 50+ nationally acclaimed scholars, PhD. Holders from top universities are dedicated for this purpose. Online classes are conducted from Monday to Thursday for 2 hours each day , Fridays are devoted to Question and answer sessions and industrial talks focusing on current advancement in the industry. 

Eligibility criteria:

Engineering or Bachelor's/ Master’s degree with Maths’s component with 50% marks.

Electives offered:

This program proffers the opportunity to dive deep into any 2 of the following electives:

·         Computer vision fundamentals and deep learning applications

·         Text mining and NLP, deep Learning for NLP

·         Big Data: An overview of Big data and Hadoop ecosystems

·         Robotics and autonomous systems and reinforcement learning

Product development bootcamp:

The students are required to attend one week on campus bootcamp in 7th semester, which enables them to build applications / prototypes from start to finish using the tools and technique they learned in previous semesters. Thetwo prototypes are based on an industry problem (Example-chatbots, price prediction etc).

Master dissertation:

Masters Dissertation lets students validate research paper results and prove those results using real data. It helps them to think about the business problem, use data to understand how to apply research results and prove or disprove the hypothesis. They will then write up their research results and defend them.It also provides them an opportunity to present their work, publish and patent it.


Exams are conducted online. 60% weightage is assigned to internal assessments (IAs) and 40% weightage to term-end exams (TEE).


Students get CV development service and opportunities from NGASCE and INSOFE on NGASCE Job portal. INSOFE placement partners consist of a 500+ companies pool, some of the top hiring partners are Nielsen, Capgemini, Optum, hp, amazon, flipkart, SBI, Uber, odoo.

Conclusion / Take away:

Despite the rigorous nature of NMIMS Msc in AI & ML program, it is designed to be a perfect fit for any fresher / working executive aspiring to work as data scientist, quantitative analyst, big data engineer, machine learning engineer, data analyst, business analyst or in related research field.


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