How to select between 24 months NMIMS MBA Distance Program and 15 months NMIMS MBAWX Program?

How to select between 24 months NMIMS MBA Distance Program and 15 months NMIMS MBAWX Program?

How to select between 24 months NMIMS MBA Distance Program and 15 months NMIMS MBAWX Program?

How to select between 24 months NMIMS MBA Distance Program and 15 months NMIMS MBAWX Program? 

These programs are meant for working professionals and can be easily fit into a busy schedule. The two programs differ primarily in terms of fee structure, program pedagogy, working experience, program structure, and eligibility. While NIMMS MBA Distance is suitable for executives of all levels, executive MBA (MBAWX) is tailored for executives with mid-to-senior levels of experience. An executive MBA (MBAWX) requires a minimum of three years of experience. 

NMIMS Distance MBA (24 Month):

It is modeled on the conventional 24-month MBA program, where students with any level of work experience can participate. There are two years of intensive training in this program, the first of which teaches the basics of general management and the second of which covers specialized topics.  The program is moderately paced in order for students to fully grasp all the management principles and theories.  The program prepares candidates for tackling real-life business challenges. Thus, it is suitable for people of all levels of experience, from freshers to senior executives.

The key features of MBA distance program are outlined below-

1.      This program has a duration of 24 months.

2.      Applicants to this program are accepted based on their experience and graduation percentage.

3.      The batch size of this program is larger than MABWX.

4.      During this program, you can choose one of 10 specializations. It is single specialization program.

5.      The program is designed with enough flexibility to offer classes both during the week and on weekends.

6.      Students will study six subjects in each of the four semesters of this program

7.      There are 18 case studies offered each semester in this program

8.      There is a duration of 1 month for the student to schedule the exam.

9.      Exams are divided into two sections with 30% weightage for internal assessments and 70% weightages for term end exams.

NMIMS MBAWX (15 month):

The Executive MBA is a rigorous program designed for executives with mid-level to senior-level experience. Candidates for this program have an average experience of 6-8 years. Mid-level executives who are looking to advance their careers will benefit from this program. In this program, the emphasis is more on practical applications and the use of real-life examples. MBAWX is designed for a limited number of professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to exchange their ideas and knowledge. This program goes at a moderate pace, so the entire curriculum is covered in 15 months.

The key features of an executive MBA are outlined below.

1.      The program lasts 15 months.

2.      This program does not offer direct entry; students must qualify through a personal interview.

3.      There is a fixed batch size of 120 for the entire country.

4.      There are five specialisations within this program. It is a dual specialization program.

5.      A rigorous program, consisting of weekday classes and internal assessments, is offered in this program.

6.      Six modules from Harvard Publishing School are included in this program.

7.      Exams are divided into two sections: internal examinations weighted at 70% plus term end examinations weighted at 30%.

8.      It includes a capstone project which is a simulation-based project.

9.      During the program, students can select two electives from four Analytics electives that correspond to their specialisation.


Working professional may opt for either Executive MBA or Distance MBA at NMIMS. They should understand their commitment toward this program since one is more rigorous than the other. When choosing between two programs, they need to analyze the timing of the job, career goals, and financial factors. Nevertheless, both programs have been approved and are widely accepted across GLOBE.


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