Myths and facts about online MBA courses!!

Myths and facts about online MBA courses!!

Myths and facts about online MBA courses!!

Online MBA course is now getting huge popularity among Management aspirants. Students prefer these MBA Course Online as they can get their degree in a short period and at an affordable cost. Presently, many widely acclaimed business schools are offering online MBA programs keeping in mind the popularity of the online study concept. 

You must have come across certain myths about online classes for MBA studies. Let’s check few myths about online PG Courses.

1)Many think that online MBA classes are recognized by UGC or university.
2)Indian students often get misguided with the fact that online MBA degrees from foreign universities are equivalent to diploma and degree courses in India.
3)All these online courses are recognized by industry and extremely valued.
4)Many students have the misconception that they can get an online degree in MBA at a low cost.

Students join online MBA programs with the hope that this course will add immense value to their resumes.

The fact of Online MBA classes:

Above we shared with you the myths about online MBA courses. Now we are going to share with you the facts behind these myths about Online MBA. 

1)Many times, fresher opt for an online MBA class. But, many professionals don’t suggest an online MBA course as a perfect choice for the fresher. The reason is that, to date, many companies and organizations do not recognize online courses as a benchmark for evaluating the quality of students. But Executive MBA NMIMS courses are accepted by major industries across the globe.
2)An online course can give you the scope to add a qualification to your resume, but this no way ensures a base to your career, and this is not the only parameter to taste success. Especially if you are fresher, online courses are not suitable for you. For working professionals, such courses are considered the preferred choice.
3)Students who want to pursue an online MBA course need to be tech-savvy. Students need to conduct online courses via video-conferencing or by watching the recorded videos. Hence the students need to have technical knowledge in these areas; otherwise, they can miss the course. 
4)While opting for an online MBA course, students need to do self-study a lot. So, they need to allot time for doing study properly and completing the course successfully. 
5)If you think that an online MBA course is similar to other full-time courses, you are wrong. Online MBA courses cannot be a substitute for a full-time MBA. 
6)If you are opting for an MBA program online for less than three months, it is a waste of time. An MBA course below 3-month duration is useless. 
7)Online MBA course is suitable for working professionals. 

Those above are the myths and facts of an online MBA course, and every student needs to understand those facts before opting for an online course for MBA. If you are choosing PG Courses NMIMS then you can stay assured about quality education. NMIMS MBA degrees are well accepted in the industry and for more info, visit 


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