MBA in international trade/business management (MBA)

MBA in international trade/business management (MBA)

MBA in international trade/business management (MBA)

How do foreign markets behave?

What happens to business interests faced with politics and business economy?

Things to be done to do business in another country?

Have you been curious to know the answers to the above questions? Then MBA in international trade management is for you.

What will I study in MBA International trade management?

You will learn :

Operations management:

This includes export-import procedures, trading policies, and SOPs.

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management:

Supply Chain Strategies, producing and sourcing goods and services from across the globe are important for demand and supply balance.

International Financial Management:

You will delve into Strategic decisions, exchange of capital, and financial investment.

International Marketing:

Marketing strategies, skills, and tools used for the same.

In simple words, you will be learning all aspects of business in a global context.

Am I eligible? 

You are a graduate with at least 50% in graduation or have two years of work experience along with graduation. 

Yes, you are eligible.

What type of job will I get after MBA International trade management?

Did you know the demand for professionals with expertise in international business is going to increase by 10%?

Some of the roles you could take up:

Brand Manager:

You will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to showcase the brand across the globe. Your responsibilities will have a mix of marketing and strategy.

Import Export Manager:

You would be working with the operations and logistics team. Having an understanding of the supply chain in a global context is important to be an import-export manager.

International Business consultant:

Your role as a consultant will be to advise your clients/ organization to grow their business across the world. Your expertise in the role can range from legal to marketing to finance etc. This role requires a lot more research and experience in understanding the global market.

International Marketing Manager:

Your role will be to come up with marketing strategies that would work best for different regions. Different regions have different cultures and so would be the target audience. You would need to understand their requirements to increase sales.

International Finance Manager:

All MNCs require someone to take care of their finances. You could be taking care of the firm's investments, Capital expenditure forecasting, and much more.


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