Is an MBA at NGA-SCE worth it?

Is an MBA at NGA-SCE worth it?

Is an MBA at NGA-SCE worth it?

You searched for the above statement because :

1.You want to pursue an MBA.
2.You want to know the difference between a regular and Distance MBA.
3.You want to pursue a distance MBA because of all the right reasons but doubt if it's the right choice.
4.You are worried if the MNCS accepts MBA in open and distance learning mode.

Now that you are here and I got you right I will make sure the next 3 minutes while you read it's going to be worth it and valuable for your career.

What is an  MBA in open and distance learning mode?

The word Distance MBA is self-explanatory, online here is the mode of education. The lectures are either pre-recorded or the university conducts live interactive sessions.

The curriculum and structure are designed to match on-campus programs as much as possible.

Why Distance MBA?

With little comparison, you are going to understand why you should consider a distance MBA.

Fee structure: The fee structure of on-campus programs offered by the same university is 80%- 90% higher in comparison to their online programs. 

Brand value: Do you know your degree will have the same accreditation as the regular program? Yes, you heard that right. NGA-SCE Distance MBA has been entitled by UGC (University Grant Commission), DEB (Distance Education Bureau), and WES(World Education Services). It also has a NAAC A+ ranking. Accreditation is given to a university, not a particular course.

Networking: Would I be able to network with like-minded people? Isn't it one of the reasons to not consider a distance MBA? I know you are concerned about peer interaction, but networking is a skill, and if you have it already then why worry? I understand building relationships online is tough but it isn't impossible. When you enroll for brands like NMIMS, you ensure to form a network of like-minded peers through interactive live sessions and social media groups. 

Faculty: How would you react if I told you the faculty for a distance MBA are the same as the ones for an on-campus MBA?  Surprised! Getting to be taught by the top faculty is a worth-it deal.

Travel cost: Hey! It's all online, so no travel either and that’s another few bucks added to your pocket.

No relocation: You wouldn't have to relocate either, you can spend time with your loved ones. What else would one want?

 Time-saving: You save a lot of time that you can utilize otherwise. 

 P.S: Time is money :)

Alumni network: Everyone wants to be around people who have something in common. When you have a strong alumni network like NMIMS you wouldn’t struggle to find one in your workplace. 

P.S: You can always connect to alumni to ask for a referral.

Practical implementation: The best way to learn is to apply what you learn and you can do that within your current job role. 

P.S: Your boss will be impressed too!


Getting married? 

Have a family to take care of?

Can't quit your job?

NMIMS has got you covered. 

With its flexible program, it's convenient for everyone that aims to upskill, grow and learn.

Is Distance MBA even accepted?

Oh! Come on, you ain’t living in the '90s!

25% of students worldwide are pursuing their MBA online and in distance mode and the number has been increasing like crazy post-pandemic.

With so much advancement in the education sector not considering a distance MBA, a valid degree is a thing of the past. Especially how the world has changed drastically post-pandemic this question shouldn't bother you either.

And if it wouldn't accept it won't exist. Simple.

Now that you know the value distance MBA brings to the table I want to ask you-

Is Distance MBA at NGA-SCE worth it?

P.S: Hey! I am not here to convince you. I know you are smart enough to make the right choice.

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